Prescription Drug Laws and Offenses – Tuscaloosa, AL

Prescription Drug Laws and Offenses – Tuscaloosa, AL If you are found in possession of a prescription drug without a lawful prescription, or you are accused of abusing your prescription medication, you could face serious legal consequences. The penalties for prescription drug offenses can vary widely depending on the circumstances of the case, including the […]

VA Disability 5 Year Rule Explained

In this page we’ll go over what the VA Disability 5 Year Rule is, why it matters for veterans, and what other disability ratings rules apply and when.  The US Department of Veterans Affairs has the ability to increase, decrease, or terminate a veteran’s disability benefits during a re-examination. With most disabilities, the Department of […]

How a drug charge can impact you for years

Drug crime charges: possession, distribution, manufacturing, etc. can have serious consequences on a person’s life. This is true even when the charges do not result in a conviction.  Alabama law is clear; the state has adopted stringent measures that criminalize drugs severely. The only misdemeanor charge in the state for example is simple possession of […]

What happens if you get a DUI as a student

If you are a student in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or anywhere in the state, and you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will face serious consequences. A first-time DUI charge can mean a suspended license, fines, and even jail time.  There are also secondary consequences that can impact your current or […]

Underage DUI in Alabama

Alabama, and most other states, has adopted Zero Tolerance policies when it comes to driving under the influence and being under 21 years of age. In 49 out of 50 states, having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of over .08% is illegal while driving a personal vehicle; if you’re driving a commercial vehicle then the […]

Tuscaloosa has a new marijuana law

Marijuana laws changed in 2021 throughout the State of Alabama. The legislature gave cities and municipalities the ability to issue tickets for first-time offenders instead of arresting them. Tuscaloosa paid attention.  This change is being welcomed by city officials. They say that the time and effort it takes to charge someone with misdemeanor possession of […]

Alabama Expungement Laws – What you need to know

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Expungement is the process of having a criminal charge and in some cases, a criminal conviction, sealed and erased as fully as the law allows. In most instances, a criminal charge will show up on a background check and convictions can have lifelong impacts on your rights and opportunities. If a person has a criminal […]

What is a Youthful Offender? Alabama Criminal Law

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Our criminal justice system offers young offenders, those who break the law, a chance through alternative punishments and sealed records.  For example, say you are 21 years old or younger and through some bad decisions, or just bad luck, the police arrest you for a crime. Now being the smart young person you are, you […]

University of Alabama Students, Don’t Fall For These Misconceptions!

No one goes to college expecting to face a criminal charge. Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor as a University of Alabama student is something that could affect your future substantially, especially if the criminal charge is not dealt with correctly. Being kicked out of school, losing your scholarship, driver’s license, and facing fines/jail […]

Tuscaloosa MIP and other Alcohol Laws

There are many crimes throughout our country’s history that have been met with a collective societal disregard. During the prohibition era, for example, you could find politicians, cops, and doctors throughout speakeasies even though Alcohol had been banned. That’s not to say that people should be encouraged to break the law but, some laws have […]