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Violent Crimes in Alabama

What are violent crimes?

Violent crimes can include a broad category of offenses. From rape and aggravated assault to armed robbery and homicide. The courts, like district attorneys and prosecutors, often aggressively pursue harsh punishments for these crimes. They do this to make examples out of what they believe are the ‘worst-of-the-worst.’ Nonetheless, everyone accused should be guaranteed a fair trial. That’s why Travis Juneau fights for his clients

If you have been accused or charged with committing a violent crime you need a vigorous criminal defense attorney by your side. The stakes are high when charged with these types of crimes, even if you are a first-time offender. The penalties for these crimes can be severe. 

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Alabama has three Assault laws in the books, two of which are classified as felonies and one as a misdemeanor. The punishment for these laws are severe and a charge should never be taken lightly. In Alabama assault is defined as ‘recklessly or intentionally causing physical harm to another person.’ Physical Injury must be found by the judge or jury of a criminal case and can be defined as cuts, fractures, bruises, or injuries that cause pain, amongst other injuries. 

Alabama prosecutors take these charges very seriously. This charge comes with what is known as a ‘no-drop’ policy. What this means is that charges cannot simply be dropped by the person who brought them forth. Prosecutors often aggressively pursue these convictions but it all comes down to the facts of the case. 

These cases are scrutinized heavily for a number of reasons. Cases of domestic violence are seen as more grave than other offenses, especially in the public’s eyes and thus prosecutors have to not only do their jobs but also feel extra pressure. This increased pressure is why sometimes a ‘victim’ will claim to have been abused because they know that even an accusation may have the weight of a guilty verdict. Whatever the facts are, our firm will work diligently to uncover the truth and build the best defense possible in your favor.

Robbery is a crime in Alabama that’s defined as the use of force, or a deadly weapon, during the commission of theft of property. Robbery in Alabama is divided into three degrees. These three degrees of Robbery deal with the specific allegations of the crime. First Degree Robbery is defined as the taking or attempted taking of another persons property by force or threat of force while armed with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.