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Tuscaloosa Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of domestic violence you need to understand that retaining the correct defense attorney is paramount to safeguarding your future. Without an attorney by your side, calming potentially frayed nerves, things may go south for you and your future. Travis Juneau has the comprehension and knowledge that is necessary to defend your domestic violence accusations or charges. 

We understand the magnitude of these charges for all those involved. We also know the serious consequences that any conviction may have for the person accused. Whatever the charges, Travis can work towards an equitable outcome for you. 

Travis Juneau has years of experience working as a criminal defense attorney in Tuscaloosa and throughout West Alabama including Bibb County, Fayette County, and Greene County. Travis has extensive knowledge of the Alabama Criminal Codes and can protect your rights to demand a fair process. These accusations may leave a long lasting impact on you and your family. Without a defense attorney by your side these accusations may amplify and leave you with few options. Click the button below to schedule a consultation.

Aggressive Prosecution To Domestic Violence

Alabama prosecutors take these charges very seriously. This charge comes with what is known as a ‘no-drop’ policy. What this means is that charges cannot simply be dropped by the person who brought them forth. Prosecutors often aggressively pursue these convictions but it all comes down to the facts of the case. 

These cases are scrutinized heavily for a number of reasons. Cases of domestic violence are seen as more grave than other offenses, especially in the public’s eyes and thus prosecutors have to not only do their jobs but also feel extra pressure. This increased pressure is why sometimes a ‘victim’ will claim to have been abused because they know that even an accusation may have the weight of a guilty verdict. Whatever the facts are, our firm will work diligently to uncover the truth and build the best defense possible in your favor.

Alabama Law Regarding Domestic Violence

1st Degree Domestic Violence: this is a Class A Felony in Alabama. Class A Felonies are the worst criminal charges an individual can receive. When 1st Degree Assault, Aggravated Stalking, or 1st Degree Burglary is committed against someone with a Qualified Relationship to the offender then it can be considered Domestic Violence. 

2nd Degree Domestic Violence: this is a Class B Felony. This is a similar charge to 1st Degree DV. A person must be charged with 2nd Degree Assault or Burglary but they can also be charged for Strangulation, Stalking, and/or other Class B charges. 

3rd Degree Domestic Violence: this is a Class A misdemeanor but it can also be charged as a Class C Felony. Engaging in Coercion, Reckless Endangerment, Arson, Trespassing, or some other misdemeanor and felony crimes can result in this Domestic Violence charge.

Potential consequences to these convictions are nothing to be taken lightly. A Class A Felonies could effectively land someone in prison for life. Class B Felonies have a maximum sentence of 20 years and Class C Felonies have a maximum sentence of 10 years. 3rd Degree Domestic Violence can be either a Class C Felony or a Class A Misdemeanor. Class A Misdemeanors are the worst misdemeanor offense possible with up to a year imprisonment being a potential consequence. Although 3rd Degree Domestic Violence is a misdemeanor offense there are two important things to consider about being convicted for this offense. Alabama allows the expungement of certain crimes, specifically some types of misdemeanors. A conviction for 3rd Degree DV is extremely difficult to expunge. Another potential consequence is that having a criminal conviction for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree DV will lead to a loss of a person’s 2nd Amendment Rights. That means that being convicted of these felonies and of the misdemeanor charge associated with 3rd Degree DV will make it unlawful for a person to have a firearm.

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