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Common Misdemeanor Offenses

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Misdemeanor offenses are often seen as a simple nuisance. Punishments are often not as grave as felony charges. Often as well a person can be charged with a misdemeanor or violation while they were unknowingly acting unlawfully or without properly scoping out a situation. Maybe you were at a football game or concert and a fight broke out. Or, possibly a law enforcement agent believes you had too much to drink. It’s also possible a police officer catches a person under 21 years of age in possession of a fake ID or alcohol. No matter what the seemingly trivial charge is, you do not want to be convicted. Fighting these charges is important, especially for a young person, because a conviction of a misdemeanor, like a felony, is on your criminal record for life. This can be much worse than the fines or jail time you might face because it can affect schooling, housing, employment, and some constitutional rights like the right to buy a firearm.

In Alabama a Misdemeanor is a criminal offense under which the maximum possible jail time is one year. Misdemeanors are also limited in the scope of their possible fines. There is also a separate category of charges called Violations. Violations are offenses where the maximum jail time is 30 days.

Common Misdemeanor Charges

Disorderly Conduct

A person can be charged with this if they are deemed to be purposefully causing a public inconvenience or recklessly creating risk to themselves or others. Someone can be arrested for this if they are engaging in a fight or threatening a person or persons. This charge can also occur if a person is deemed to be making too much noise or disturbing traffic. This is a Class C Misdemeanor.


 Usually a charge of disorderly conduct can be concurrently charged with Harassment. This can be charged both due to physical and digital or telephonic acts. Physical Criminal Harassment is considered to be acts such as shoving or kicking. This charge can also be brought forth against someone for engaging in acts through calls, emails, or texts that cause another person fear. This is a Class C Misdemeanor

Public Intoxication

 This charge is neither a Felony nor a Misdemeanor, instead it is considered a Violation. An offense that is classified as a violation is not as severe as that of a misdemeanor and the punishments are thus not as grave but this charge can stay on public record. To be arrested for this a person must be exhibiting dangerous tendencies while also intoxicated and be in a public setting.

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