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Minor in Possession of Drugs Offenses: What You Need to Know

As an experienced drug defense law firm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we have seen firsthand the devastating impact a criminal record can have on a young person’s future. Having a criminal record at such a young age can limit job opportunities, education opportunities, and even housing opportunities. It is important to understand the laws surrounding minors […]

You have been arrested. What’s next? Alabama’s Criminal Process Explained

Navigating the criminal justice system in Alabama can be overwhelming, especially for those who are facing charges. Despite the common belief that individuals have a good grasp on how the system works, this understanding may be based on inaccuracies portrayed in popular media. To clear up any misconceptions and provide a better understanding of the […]

What happens after a probation violation?

If you violate the terms of your probation, it can result in a variety of consequences. The specific consequences will depend on the nature of the violation and the discretion of the judge or probation officer. Some possible consequences include additional probationary terms, fines, community service, or even imprisonment. It is important to understand the […]

Travis Juneau named 2022 Mid-South Rising Star

We’re excited to announce that Travis Juneau has been recognized for his excellent legal work in Tuscaloosa and Alabama. Travis has been named in SuperLawyers 2022 Mid-South Rising Stars list for criminal defense.  For an attorney to be selected for this list they have to show strength in their field and they must be selected […]

Is self-defense a right in Alabama? (When you can stand your ground)

The short, but tricky answer to this is: “Yes, so long as you are reasonable.” What exactly does that mean? In order to determine what is required for your actions to be considered “self-defense” let’s take a closer look at Alabama’s self-defense law. The Elements of Self-Defense Alabama Criminal Code § 13A-3-23 states: A person […]

Is an Ignition Interlock Device mandatory in Alabama?

Interlock Device

A DUI in Alabama means more than just a traffic stop. It has the potential for fines, jail time, community service, and driving with an IID for years. An IID is the shorthand term for an Ignition Interlock Device. Essentially, this is a Breathalyzer that is mounted to your car and can stop a driver […]

Which state has the strictest drug laws?

Alabama is not alone in criminalizing drugs. All 50 states have had laws enacted that, combined with federal laws, make it a crime to be in possession, to sell, to manufacture, to transport, and even to ingest drugs. This is not news to anyone. Drugs, also known as illegal substances, narcotics, or controlled dangerous substances, […]