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Is an Ignition Interlock Device mandatory in Alabama?

Interlock Device

A DUI in Alabama means more than just a traffic stop. It has the potential for fines, jail time, community service, and driving with an IID for years. An IID is the shorthand term for an Ignition Interlock Device. Essentially, this is a Breathalyzer that is mounted to your car and can stop a driver from turning on their vehicle. 

Since 2012 Alabama has had laws in its books mandating the use of one of these devices in certain instances related to DUI charges. We’ve written about DUIs in the past. We’ve explained the basics of a DUI and also gone in-depth regarding underage DUI charges. However, in this article, we wanted to explain Alabama’s Ignition Interlock Device laws. 

When is an IID mandatory in Alabama?

Ignition Interlock Devices are always mandatory. The IID term, or in other words how long you need to have an IID installed in your car, varies, even for 1st offenses. 

1st Offense IID Requirements

If the driver’s BAC was less than .15% then the IID term is 90 days. The license suspension is dropped if the 90 days are successfully completed. However, if the BAC was greater than .15% then the term is 1 year. The term can be even longer under a few situations like a passenger being injured, a passenger being under the age of 14, or a refusal to test. 

2nd Offense IID Requirements

Usually, with a 2nd DUI offense, the courts will order for mandatory treatment and substance abuse counseling. Before that happens though, a driver must have an IID installed in all vehicles registered to them for 2 years. If a driver refused a breathalyzer test or if they blew over .15% then the consequences can be worse. 

3rd Offense IID Requirements

If a driver receives a 3rd DUI then they’ll have to drive with an installed IID for 3 years. 

How is an IID installed?

If an IID is mandated then a judge will sign an order and send it to ALEA. ALEA is the acronym for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. After the driver contacts an approved vendor then they will be able to obtain an IID license. You will need a copy of the Ignition Interlock Order with you when you go to get the device installed and when you apply for a new license. 

How an Alabama DUI lawyer can help

A Tuscaloosa criminal defense attorney like Travis Juneau can help you avoid the worst consequences of a DUI. These are some of the most common charges handed out but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Taking these charges seriously is crucial to avoid serious jail time and fines. If you’re facing DUI charges in Alabama contact us today at (205) 737-4696 or by clicking here